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Tufting Gun Buyers Guide: The Best Tufting Machines in 2023

Who would have thought the textile industry could revolutionize itself with a single tool?

The tufting gun has done just that!

This innovative technology is revolutionizing the way carpets and rugs are created, from design to production.

With large-scale rug tufting capabilities, this powerful tufting machine can create intricate carpet patterns in an efficient, time-saving process.

In our upcoming post, we’ll give you an in-depth look at how this revolutionary machine works and why it’s changing the rug making game as we know it.

So whether you’re into rug tufting as a hobby or a manufacturer looking to maximize your machine tufting capability or simply interested in learning more about cutting edge technology, read on as we uncover all there is to know about tufting devices!

What Is A Tufting Gun?

It is an innovative pneumatic machine that has revolutionized the way carpets and rugs are created. It has the capabilities to produce intricate patterns on carpets in a highly efficient and time-saving process.

This powerful rug tufting tool is used by rug designers and manufacturers to maximize their production capability, allowing them to create more complex designs than traditional methods.

Using a tufting frame, an outline pattern and a piece of tufting cloth you can quickly create some of the most artistic rugs in a small amount of time.

Who uses them?

1. Rug designers and manufacturers rely on tufting guns to maximize their production capability and create intricate patterns in carpets, rugs or other textiles quickly and efficiently.

2. Professional interior designers have embraced tufting guns as a go-to tool for producing unique, rugs or even wall hangings.

3. Hobbyists and crafters have also found tufting guns to be helpful in creating their own rugs for display or as gifts.

4. Educational institutions use tufting guns to teach students the fundamentals of rug making, allowing them to learn quickly and create stunning pieces that they can then go on and create a business with.

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When Was The Tufting Gun Created?

It was first developed in the late 1990s by a small team of engineers and designers.

It was created to provide an efficient and accurate way to create intricate designs on carpets, allowing rug makers to create more complex patterns than ever before.

What Are The Features & Benefits Of Using A Tufting Gun?

A tufting machine offers several advantages over traditional rug making techniques:

  • It is significantly faster than hand tufting and can produce patterns in a fraction of the time especially for rug tufting.
  • Using a tufting gun allows for greater accuracy and flexibility when creating intricate designs, as it is easy to adjust the needles to create even the most complex of patterns with ease.
  • Finally, since it is computer-controlled, there is less human labor involved in the process.

Things To Consider When Purchasing A Tufting Gun

Low Pile Machine vs High Pile Machine

When it comes to purchasing a handheld tufting machine, one of the most important considerations is the pile height needed for the desired carpet or rug tufting pattern.

Low pile and high pile refer to the height of the loops of yarn in each tufted design.

The height of these loops will determine how visible the tufting design is in the finished product.

Low pile machines generally results in a more subtle look, while high pile machines designs create a more vibrant and eye-catching pattern.

Loop Pile Vs Cut Pile Tufting Guns

When it comes to selecting a tufting gun, one of the most important factors to consider is whether you should opt for loop pile or cut pile tufting.

While both options offer great results, there are certain advantages and disadvantages to each that must be taken into account.

Loop pile tufting is an excellent choice for creating intricate, detailed designs with a more traditional look.

However, loop pile tufting can also be quite time-consuming and requires a greater level of precision.

Cut pile is an ideal choice for creating patterns that are either bold or subtle, depending on how the yarn is cut and the density of the pattern.

Cut pile is beneficial for those tufters looking to create cut pile rugs.

What is The Best Tufting Gun

Best Tufting Set For Beginners

Tufting Starter Kit – THE DUO – (Frame, Gun, and Cloth)

The perfect set-up if you’ve never tufted before, the tufting starter kit includes the three components you’ll need to get started


USD $365


  • Includes machine, frame and cloth, all critical to get started
  • High quality machine


  • Only comes with a 30day warranty, however you can upgrade to 12 months with additional charge

Best For Making Rugs As A Hobby

Vehipa – Electric Carpet 2 in 1 Tufting Gun Kit

The perfect gun if you are looking to make rugs with complex designs.


USD $168


  • Can reach a speed of 5-40stitches per second
  • Can be adjusted to the speed and pile head height desired
  • Strictly tested and built-in over-voltage, over-current and short- circuit protection system
  • 12 Months Warranty


  • Only designed for part time tufters and not durable for making several rugs per day

Example Tufted Rugs Made With The Vehipa – Electric Carpet 2 in 1 Tufting Gun Kit

Best Industrial Grade Machine

AK-III Industrial Tufting Machine

The AK-III is a high-pile electric and pneumatic gun that creates both cut and loop shags in a range of lengths, simply by changing the tufting needle.

Best for intermediate and advanced tufters, this is a superior machine requiring an air compressor (not included).


USD $875


  • Adjustable pile lengths between 20 and 60 mm
  • Perfect for those looking to turn Tufting into a business and produce multiple rugs per day
  • Super quick stitching operation


  • Requires an air compressor, but well worth it if you’re tufting as a business

Are They Easy To Use?

Handheld guns are mostly user-friendly, even for a beginner if a model such as The Duo is used.

They’re that user friendly that you can fix mistakes by removing fibres during the tufting process, and clean up things like fuzzy lines with scissors even after you’ve glued it.

Want To Learn To Tuft?: Online Classes Available

Can You Use Any Yarn With A Tufting Gun?

Yes, you can use any type of yarn for tufting with a tufting gun depending on your primary tufting cloth.

However, it is important to choose the right type of yarn depending on the desired pattern and pile height.

For instance, high pile designs require larger looped yarns or weaved threads that are thick enough to create a visible texture in the finished product; whereas for low pile designs you should opt for finer-weave threads or smaller looped pieces that provide just enough texture without making it too obvious.

Additionally, some materials such as velvet may not be suitable for tufting due to their delicate nature so they should always be tested first before attempting to use them with a tufting gun.

Should You Buy A Tufting Gun?

A tufting gun is an invaluable tool for rug makers, providing you with an efficient and accurate way to create intricate designs.

Not only is it significantly faster than hand tufting, but it also allows for greater accuracy and flexibility when creating patterns.

Moreover, since it is computer-controlled, there is less human labor involved and you can get started simply with a tufting frame, some cloth and a gun.

If you’re just looking to start your rug tufting journey as a hobby or would like to start it as a side hustle that will earn you extra cash.

Then there is no doubt that you should purchase one and start your journey. Who knows it may become a full time joyful job for you!

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